Why Do So Many Home Sellers and Buyers Choose Mark's Home Team?

Please watch a brief introduction to our team. 

Want to sell your current home?

In a crowded market it is imperative that your home stands out. 

Mark has a proven method to do just that. Our exclusive marketing system is broken down into three phases we call "Assist To List"

  Phase 1: Setting the stage, we have developed a proven system to make sure your home stands out above the rest. By bringing the following elements together Professional Staging, Photography, and Videography we insure that your home is presented to the market in a polished fashion that creates interest and enhances perceived value.  

  Phase 2: Building Momentum, prior to the actual list date we have another process designed to maximize interest from potential homebuyers. This insures that we capitalize on the initial excitement that surrounds a new listing.

  Phase 3: SOLD, our procedure for getting your home sold is consistently improving. Everything we do from the decision to which day we introduce your home to the market to the words chosen to describe what makes it unique are well choreographed and purposeful. 



Want to buy a home?

We have developed a proven strategy to help you win in this challenging market.  

You will quickly realize that our team is not focused on selling you a home. 

Our clients make well-informed decisions because of our unique approach to the home buying process. The house you buy will sell itself and you will know you are home the minute you walk in the door; our agents are here to guide you through the process. Our mission is to get you and your family into your home and our vision is a stress-free home purchase for each client we are able to serve.