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Lead Sales Specialist

I grew up in Baltimore County and enlisted in the Marine Corps out of high school. After 4.5 years of service to the Marine Corps’ retrograde and anti-terrorism/force protection efforts I hesitantly stepped back into civilian shoes. I began managing the mechanical commissioning projects of new commercial, educational and medical facilities. I take the lessons learned in each of my past experiences and put them to use to bring a higher level of service to my clients. An ambitious, perennial, multi-million dollar producer, I create success based on the service of others.

There is a tremendous amount of joy and fulfillment experienced through the service of other people. I have found Real Estate is tremendous outlet for this desire to serve. The transaction is complex and carries with it serious risk with proportionately significant rewards. In addition to the financial implications the Real Estate Transaction has the tendency to be equally emotional which provides an excellent opportunity to serve on many levels. We meet the needs of all our clients through a simplified, transparent real estate transaction and unparalleled levels of communication. 

I have experienced first hand just how much our service members, first responders and their families give up to serve each and everyone of us. This is why I get the most satisfaction from giving back to each and every one of them. My mission is to put thousands of dollars back int he hands of our heroes through innovative programs and dedication to the process.